Internet & Web Services

Web Applications

  • Web applications based on Java EE (JSP/JSF), PHP, Ruby on Rails, or ASP.NET
  • Rich Internet Applications based on AJAX and various toolkits (e. g. GWT)
  • SOA clients with .NET/WCF
  • Localization and internationalization
  • Barrier-free user interfaces
  • Using both Open Source Web and application servers (e. g. Apache or JBoss) and commercial products (e. g. IIS, WebSphere)

Web Services

  • Adaptation and encapsulation of existing services or design and implementation of new services, e. g. based on SOAP
  • SOA services with .NET/WCF

WCMS / Portals

  • Adaptation and enhancement of Web content management systems based on Plone/Zope
  • Implementation of customer specific workflows
  • Connection to existing third-party systems
  • Support for multimedia content
  • ePublishing

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